What are UPVC Lean-to Conservatory Raked side firing Frames?

Conservatory Raked Frames, Cheese Wedges or Side Firings as they are sometimes known as are right angled triangular UPVC Window frames that have been manufactured by specialist frame manufacturing companies. These frames are fitted into the sides of a Lean-To or Sunroom style conservatory. In P-shape or T-shape conservatories Raked Frames are often used to fill in the Lean-to part of the conservatory.

There are considerably less options in design available than with Gable Frames due to their shape and in most cases lack of height. The most common design of Raked Frame is the vertical mullion design and this style very rarely uses curved transoms formed with the profile bending method.

A cheaper alternative to using the more attractive Raked Frame design is by using shiplap boarding to cover the “Cheese wedge” created in a Lean-to conservatory.

Lean-To Frame

Raked Frame

Side Firring

Cheese Wedge

Side Firing

Raked Frame