What is UPVC Profile Bending, Arch Forming, or Shaped Frame Manufacturing ?

UPVC Profile Bending, Arch forming or Shaped Frame manufacturing as it is sometimes known as is where UPVC Profile extrusions used within the Window industry are heated up using a UPVC Profile Bending Machine that uses blown air technology or within a hot oil bath.

The profile sections to be curved are filled and encased in nylon formers designed to keep the shape of the profile while bending is taking place. These nylon formers also heat up and become pliable as does the UPVC profile. Once the profile has been within the oven for around 18 minutes at around 130deg c the profile complete with formers are removed from the oven or hot oil bath and is then curved around the appropriate jig and clamped into place.

After around 20 25 mins of cooling, the clamps and formers are removed and you are left with the profile section bent to the shape required. This curved section can then be using to make a Sunburst Gable Frames, Arched Window, Arched Door, Gothic Arch or Circular window depending on the section type that has been used.

Profiles available for profile bending are Deceuninck, Duraflex, Eurocell, K2, Rehau, Spectus, Synseal or WHS Halo

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