Frequently asked questions about what we do ...

What profile extrusions do you work with ?

Deceuninck 2800 Decorative
Duraflex 65mm Featured
Duraflex 65mm Bevelled
Duraflex 70mm Featured
Duraflex 70mm Bevelled
Eurocell Eurologik
Eurocell Modus
Eurologik Ovolo
Kommerling Gold C70
Kommerling Gold O70
Liniar Chamfered
Liniar Sculptured
Profile 22 FI70
Profile 22 FS70
Rehau Edge
Rehau S706
Selecta Advance70
Spectus Elite70 Bevelled
Spectus Elite 70 Featured
Swish 24/7
Synseal Legend 70
Synseal Legend 70 Ovolo
Synseal Shield
Synseal Synerjy
Veka Matrix 70
Veka Matrix FS70
WHS Halo Eclipse
WHS Halo Esthetique
WHS Halo Rustique MK2
WHS Halo System 10

If I buy my Gable & Raked frames from you Glazed, will they be CE marked?

Yes our frames & glass will carry the CE mark in accordance with Annex ZA.1 of BS EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010. Please look at our CE page for our Dangerous Substances Statement and our Declarations of Performance.

Can you make shaped frames using any profile?

I am afraid we only produce shaped frames using the profiles we stock. The reason for this is that we have all the correct tooling for each individual profile we carry allowing a machine finish on all frames as we do not hand scribe anything. Machine finishing everything is why we can get your frames to you so quick and with such an amazing finish.

How do I get a quote from you?

You can fax over your requirements on our quotation form that you can download from our downloads area or you can use our unique online quote system. If your not yet registered for this then why not ? Just click here to get registered now so you can quote till your hearts content.

How do I register for your online services?

To register to use the online quotes system please click on the “Trade Area” button on the navigation bar, then select “Not Yet Registered”. If you fill out the details required then you will shortly receive an email confirmation letter giving you your login details and some more sales bumf from us.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, not at all. The online quotes system can be accessed from any internet ready computer from anywhere in the world, even when your on holiday in the Bahamas if you have nothing else better to do ! All you need is your unique Username ( email address ) & Password that you used when you registered for the online services.

How do I brand up my own quotes?

If you click on the “My Pricelist” button within the “Trade Area” you will be able to change background and font colours on your own branded pricelist. The colours selected on pricelist will be matched onto any of your self branded quotes you produce.

Do you supply glass?

We do if required although we are not the cheapest with it due to the small volumes we buy. We are happy to sort the glass out for you as long as it works in with our delivery run and your not after a “Drive thru” service. Our Low E product is Planitherm. Please call to find out if your area is covered.

Do you deliver on your own transport?

Yes we do for most areas of the UK however in some parts we will use a carrier service. If we are supplying glass then this will definitely be delivered on our own transport.

Do you produce all types of shaped frame?

We only produce Conservatory Gable & Raked end frames. Solely producing this type of frame allows us to maintain our superb product quality and service standards without following in the footsteps of our competitors. Frames we DO NOT manufacture are that such as UPVC Arched Windows, Arched Doors, Circular Frames etc.

Can you weld gable frames down to a point?

Yes we can and pride ourselves on being the best in the business at this. We can weld down as low as 17.5 degrees depending on the outer frame used. Alternatively we can do pretty much any size upstand aswell. Have a quick look at our Welding Techniques page for some examples of what we can do.

What is the minimum diameter you can bend a sunburst bend to?

The minimum for standard profiles is 700mm. Certain profile sections however allow us to bend below this size. We may need to specify the profile used for this though which would usually be Rehau S706 depending on what is a closest match.

What is your lead time?

Our standard lead time is 7-10 working days, however we will always try to sort out the occasional "Rush Job" as long as its not every job. Usually we deliver before the estimated delivery date.

What are your payment terms?

Payment will be required at point of order until a successful trading relationship is built up. Payment can be made by credit card, BACS, Cheque or directly into a Natwest bank.